How we're becoming more Eco-friendly

10 August 2019

In the ever changing environment we live in it's now more important than ever to reduce the amount of Plastic and other materials we use on a daily basis one of the most important changes we have made is introducing a bio-degradable paper based flower wrap this helps us to cut the amount of plastic that goes into each bouquet by 25% as this wrap is only water resistant we do still have to use a certain amount of plastic however, we will be introducing a new bio-degradable water proof wrap which will mean the wrapping of our bouquets will be totally plastic free!

We now only use Kraft bags and boxes without the plastic coating so they are also 100% bio-degradable. 

All our vase designs below are created in glass vases made from 100% recycled glass. 

We will soon also we introducing gift cards made from 100% recycled paper. 


How we're becoming more  Eco-friendly